Gary Schreiner

Musician Composer Producer


TV/Film Reel Music: Gary Schreiner

All The Kings Horses        Music: Schreiner-Lapierre-Petruzzelli Vocals: Nikki Gregoroff

For Your Eyes Only Music: Foxe-Schreiner Vocals: Alexis Foxe

Beat of the Drum Music: Schreiner-Lapierre Vocals: John Lapierre

What Christmas Can Do For Love Music: Rosler- Schreiner Vocals: Mike Harvey

Down The Drain Music: Foxe- Schreiner Vocals: Alexis Foxe

Never Gonna Let You Go Music: Sobel-Schreiner Vocals: Nikki Gregoroff

Overnight Dues Music: Sobel-Schreiner Vocals: John Margolis

 © Gary Schreiner 2017